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Quality of life is an important part of the Liberty Tax culture. Our mission statement reflects that: Set the standard, improve each day and have some fun. That's what we focus on. When tax time comes, we work hard and we stay busy. When the season is over,
we review what was successful and what we can improve on. In the off season,
we breathe a little easier and turn our focus to our local communities.

And we know how to have some fun. Our franchise offices host roadside parties
(check out the video of one), engaging passersby to join in on food and fun.
Community events are organized to raise awareness and funds for national charities and local nonprofits.


The culture at Liberty Tax is an important benefit for those who work here. A common theme that resonates in all of our locations is "Monitor Results Not Activities" which emphasizes the relaxed work atmosphere at a Liberty Tax office. Being able to have a life outside of your career is a huge asset for the employee as well as the employer; and Liberty Tax recognizes that. Named benefits are not to be overlooked either. Corporate employee benefits include health, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as a 401(k) matched plan.

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Liberty Tax is a national industry leader – and we are still growing. Our vision is to be Number One by 2020. When you join the fastest growing company in the tax industry, your career will take you wherever you want to go. There are no limits. Whether you start out as one of our infamous dancing wavers or a trusted tax preparer you can rise to the challenge and become a General Manager right on up to owning a Liberty Tax franchise of your very own – your imagination is the only limit.

Education is an extremely important value at Liberty Tax. Training for our team members is year-round. Recently, we granted two full scholarships to two qualified employees through the University of Phoenix. To be number one in 2020 we must educate ourselves on and embrace what the future brings.

That future includes our growing Hispanic population. In 2008, Liberty Tax founded Una Familia Sin Fronteras Foundation which recognizes and supports the needs of the Latino community nationwide. We have an entire department to assist the Hispanic communities nationwide and to organize and run the Una Familia Sin Fronteras Foundation. We have created a vast network of contributors for this Liberty Tax movement in offering new opportunities to Latinos.